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SOLOMAGIA Master Deck West - Playing Cards - Card Tricks - Tours et Magie Magique - Magic Tricks and Props

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Product Specification

These commemorative decks designed by Guy Hollingworth (with additional face artwork by Dan White) are printed on exclusive Bee Casino 825 paper and are made with a special coating to ensure the best handling. The color of the back is the Black Smith named in honor of Marshall D. Smith the illustrator of The Expert at the Card Table. The overall Bee like pattern is actually made up of tiny reproductions of the hands in the illustrations of the great card classic. These decks also use the original faces that were used by U.S. Playing Card Co. in 1902. These great faces have somewhat larger pips and somewhat smaller indices. which combine to create an unusually attractive face. These cards were printed in a very limited quantity and there is no guarantee that they will be re-printed. If you need some of these to perform with. practice with. or add to your collection... this is the time to get them. The cards are poker size.
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